The General Body is the supreme authority. The Management of the Bank is vested in the Board of Directors subject to the general control of the General Body. There is also an Executive Committee for the Bank. The composition of the various bodies are as follows:


Mr. Rajan P S
Chief Executive Officer

Ms Mini Antony IAS


The General Body of the Bank shall consist of;
i. Delegates of the A class members (PACS & UCBs)
ii. Ex-officio Directors
iii. Directors nominated by the Government


The Board of Directors of the Bank shall consist of twentyone members, of which fifteen members are elected by the ‘A’ Class members of the Bank. The classification of Members of the Board of Directors are as follows;

(a) Fourteen members, one from each district representing the PACS, elected by theA Class members of the Bank from among the delegates of PACS, categorized as follows:
i. General - 10 members
ii. Women (Reservation) - 3 members
iii. SC /ST (Reservation) - 1 member

The districts from which women and SC/ST members to be elected shall be decided by the Registrar of Cooperative Societies by way of taking lots. In subsequent terms the districts once represented, in each category, shall be excluded from the lot till all the districts have been represented.
(b) One member representing the Urban Cooperative Banks in the State is elected from among the delegated board members of the Urban Co-operative Banks by A class members of the Bank.
(c) Two Independent Professional Directors nominated by the Government.

(d) Four ex-officio members ;
i. Secretary, Co-operation, Govt. of Kerala.
ii. Registrar of Cooperative Societies.
iii. Chief General Manager, NABARD, Regional Office, Kerala and
iv. MD, Kerala State Cooperative Bank Ltd.

(e) Apart from the 21 members,

i. One member who shall be invited by the Director Board to represent the non-credit societies for a period of one year on rotation basis from among the Apex Cooperative Federations of the State. Such “invitee” shall not have any voting right.
ii. The Government may nominate two members as per section 31 of KCS Act.


A Board of Management shall be constituted by the Board of Directors as per the guidelines of RBI. There shall be a Board of Management consisting of not more than 12 members.

(i) At least fifty per cent of the members of BoM shall consist of persons having special knowledge or practical experience in respect of one or more of the following matters, namely:-

(i) accountancy, (ii) agriculture and rural economy, (iii) banking, (iv) co-operation, (v) economics, (vi) finance, (vii) law, (viii) small scale industry, (ix) Information Technology (x) any other matter the special knowledge of which would be useful to the Bank.

(ii) BoM shall be constituted from the elected members of the Board of Directors provided they meet the criteria specified. However, not more than 50 per cent of the BoM members shall be from BoD. Under all circumstances, BoM shall have at least two members from outside the BoD.

The Board of Management may hold meeting at such periodicity as deemed necessary. The Chairman of BoM shall be selected from the BoM by the BoD. The independent professional members of Board of Management will be paid sitting fees/allowances as fixed from time to time by the Board of Directors in accordance with the RBI guidelines. The tenure of the Board of Management shall be co-terminus with the tenure of Board of Directors.

Office and Administrative Set up

The Head Office of the Bank is at Thiruvananthapuram, Corporate Business and Liaison Office at Ernakulam, Seven Regional Offices (each for two adjacent Revenue Districts) at Thiruvananthapuram, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Thrissur, Palakkad, Kozhikode and Kannur, Credit Processing Centres (CPC) at each District Head Quarters and Branch Offices across the State. The bank operates through a network of 769 branches. The hierarchical order in the Bank is Chief Executive Officer, Chief General Manager, General Managers, Deputy General Managers, Senior Managers, Managers, Accounts Officers and assistants with necessary supporting staff.

The head office of the bank consists of the following 6 departments,each headed by a General Manager.

1. General Administration, HR & Law
2. Credit, Credit Monitoring and Recovery
3. Business Planning and Co-operative Credit
4. General Banking and Treasury
5. Audit, Inspection & Marketing
6. Information Technology and Digital Banking
The Regional Offices are headed by the Regional Managers in the rank of General Manager